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Prime Solo Adventures is an exciting new travel company that brings together adventurous travellers in their 50s & 60s on high-end, boutique tours.

There are lots of group tours out there, as well as many companies that provide luxury holidays for couples, small groups of friends or families. However, there isn’t anything designed for single people and solo travellers, who are in their 50s & 60s, who want to meet new people and travel on boutique adventures designed exclusively for them. Until now.

At Prime Solo Adventures we operate tours specifically designed for adventurous single people and solo travellers in their 50s & 60s. This means that you will not get stuck with couples, people who already know each other or people at completely different stages of their lives. This creates an environment where you meet people that also want to meet new people. We put you in exciting places with like-minded people so you can build new, meaningful relationships.

In short, if you are looking for a solo adventure, on a tour with like-minded travellers in their 50s and 60s, then we exist for you.


My name is Joe Crowton, thank you for visiting our website. I have worked for luxury tour operators since 2012. This has been for terrific companies such as Audley Travel, Holiday Architects and Flash Pack. In that time worked in sales, product and operations roles. Delivering high-end, seamless tours directly to clients and providing excellent customer service has always been central to what I do. I’ve always gained the most satisfaction from bringing people together and delighting customers. I’m running this company to do things properly and to strive to reach new levels of customer happiness because that’s what I’m passionate about. I’m not doing this for the short-term - it’s been my dream to start this company.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve had a consistent stream of enquiries from solo clients in their 50s & 60s looking for quality group tours on which to meet new people and share experiences. There has never been a suitable company for me to recommend. Many companies offer large coach tours run by numbers or offer experiences aimed at backpackers. Then there are the tours that are restrictively expensive, or similarly, many 50s & 60s solo travellers settle for going solo on a tailor-made tour, which is very costly and limits their chances to meet people.

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In all of those cases, you are likely to end up in unsuitable hotels, doing activities that don’t work for you with a group of people you don’t connect with. At Prime Solo Adventures we only provide high-end, adventurous tours for single people and solo travellers in their 50s & 60s. This means you travel with like-minded people, doing things curated specifically for you while staying in accommodated picked with you in mind.

I really hope that, as you are reading this, I will be able to help you meet new people on an exciting adventure. As this is a young company I would value the opportunity to have a phone conversation or email dialogue with you even if we can’t help you with a tour immediately. If you are part of my target market I would value any feedback that you have. Please don’t be shy, get in touch! I’m just a guy trying to build the best travel company in the world for adventurous solo travellers in their 50s and 60s. Thank you for your time.

Joe Crowton

If you are so inclined you can check out my LinkedIn page here.

If you are interested in a Prime Solo Adventure then we’d love to speak to you


Here at Prime Solo Adventures we are committed to providing the best possible experiences for solo travellers in their 50s & 60s. We have travelled extensively and have years of experiences planning high-end escorted tours. It is our vision to create an online community where solos in their 50s & 60s can meet new people and get together for shared experiences. Our only way to grow is by putting all of our experience and passion for the travel industry towards delighting our clients. You are unlikely to come across a company more committed to perfecting their service, processes and tours to create the best customer experience possible.

Maybe you are new to the idea of travelling solo or maybe you’ve always dreamed of going on an amazing adventure but nobody else you know is available? If you’re after an incredible experience but your friends and family are too busy then Prime Solo Adventures is here for you.


By specialising we have made some important decisions on how we operate. Apart from aiming exclusively at solo travellers in their 50s & 60s, there are some other key factors that differentiate us from the other companies out there.

Why boutique-sized tours? Travelling in a smaller group means you get closer to the people you’re travelling with, you stay in better hotels, you travel faster (and in smaller vehicles), you have more time to meet local people and your tour leader has more time for you. A smaller group gives you a more personal and superior experience.

Why premium tours? At Prime Solo Adventures we operate premium tours, which include more costly premium activities and high-end hotels. This does not mean expensive for expensive sake though. This means that the hotels included in our tours will focus on providing personalised service, comfort, character, attention to detail, being right for the situation and being in a suitable location. We would prefer to give you an exceptional 3-star hotel over a ubiquitous, high-rise 4-star hotel. The hotels included on our tours are top-quality 3-4 star hotels which receive excellent client feedback and luxury 5-star hotels.

Why local guides? Our tour leaders and guides are experienced locals. They have a real, genuine, rich understanding of their local area and culture. They will get you closer to the local area and really get you under the skin of the country. The tour leaders and guides on our tours have years of experience working with international clients and have an excellent grasp of the English language.

Why aren't international flights included? International flights are not included in our tours because Prime Solo Travellers have different needs from their flights. Our clients often have different plans before and after the tour. On top of that, our travellers have individual preferences when it comes to cabin class, airlines and flight times. Furthermore, Prime Solo Adventures is a small, specialist company and we are sometimes unable to secure the best value flight rates out there.

With the above in mind, we believe it offers you the most tailored, best value and most flexible experience if you book your tour through us and your flights directly with the airline or through a flight specialist.

We are here to help you find the best flights for your trip. We are happy to do so, it’s part of the service we offer.

Why the option to share a room? Our tours often include stunning accommodation but having a room to yourself in a top hotel can be expensive. While sharing a room with a stranger might sound a little strange at first, in reality it works really well for clients. It means that your space on the tour costs less and gives you the chance to bond with a new friend. We will even ask you some questions to try and pair you with the right roomie.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing a room then that’s fine! You have the option to book your own room instead. This costs more because you won’t be sharing the cost of the room with anyone.


How do we strive to be the best company in the world for adventurous solo travellers and singles in their 50s & 60s?

These are our dedications:

Boutique luxury: The tours that we run offer premium experiences and hotels. We keep the groups small so that we can provide better transfers and more exclusive activities along with high-quality, boutique hotels. No large coach transfers or tower block 4-star hotels allowed.

People like you: Our tours are specifically designed for adventurous singles and solos in their 50s and 60s so you are sure to meet like-minded people.

Quality hand-picked hotels: High-end hotels specially picked based on their client feedback and suitability for that part of the tour. You could be in a characterful hotel with amazing service, a 5-star city hotel, a hilltop wellness resort or an idyllic spot on the beach.

Passion and experience: We have years of experience in planning tours for discerning clients and a lifelong passion for travel and delighting clients. We have expert knowledge of our tours. Furthermore, the same specialist will look after you all the way through your booking and travelling experience.

The best local guides: We only used experienced local guides. They have an in-depth knowledge of their country and years of experience working with international, English speaking clients.

Hassle-free: From landing in the country until the end of the tour everything is taken care of and all activities mentioned are included. Simply book and relax. We're always on hand to help if you have any questions in the lead up to your trip.

Help with your other travel arrangements: If you need extra nights in hotels, would like to explore a different area before the tour starts or want to relax at the end of your tour then we are here to help. We can sort your travel arrangements before or after the tour for you. We don’t book flights but we are more than happy to help with your flight search and make recommendations.


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